Factory & OEM Installation of MoreSun®

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MoreSun’s® factory installation program is designed for module manufacturers and glass manufacturers to allow them to include the MoreSun® product in new modules. MoreSun’s® superior AR performance and industry-leading Talus Dirt Rejection Technology™ can help you provide end customers with the highest possible energy and maintenance performance for your product.

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For factory module applications, Pellucere Technologies™ can offer high-speed, spray-coating solutions with a rapid-cure system to meet the needs of your existing module assembly line. MoreSun® is effective on flat or textured glass, and thanks to its low-temperature curing process can be used in temperature-sensitive applications like CdTe modules.

For glass manufacturers, MoreSun® is also available in a high-temperature (350°C - 700°C) curing formulation that can be integrated into your existing glass manufacturing process.