Get To Know MoreSun®

Click Here to Download the MoreSun® Brochure

Click Here to Download the MoreSun® Brochure

MoreSun® is a proprietary solar coating and application system that adds an Anti-Reflective (AR) & Anti-Soiling (AS) silica shield to any solar array.

Unmatched AR Performance

MoreSun® helps solar modules without AR capture more light, increasing energy output from direct axis light by 3.4 to 3.8 percent and total energy output by up to 4.7† percent!

Industry-Leading Anti-Soiling

Now formulated with Talus Dirt Rejection Technology™, MoreSun's® unique non-adhesive properties prevent the build-up of dirt, dust and other particulates more effectively than any commercially available Anti-Soiling solution.

Low-Temperature Fast-Cure for Field & Factory

MoreSun's® low-temperature curing properties mean it can be applied to retrofit solar arrays in the field or it can be applied in the factory to modules or the glass.

Patented Applicator Technology

Pellucere® Technologies' patented application system ensures that MoreSun® can be applied with maximum transfer efficiency, minimal waste, and maximum scientific precision.

† Energy gain estimates based on laboratory-certified energy gains applied to a specific solar farm using PVSyst™. Total energy gains may vary based on module-type, location, weather, site configuration, and numerous other factors.