Frequently Asked Questions

What is in MoreSun® anti-reflective (AR) coating?

MoreSun® solution is a formulation of partially polymerized siloxanes in a solvent mixture; the coating itself cures to form a nominal 140nm thick film of nano-structured silica.

Is the MoreSun® solution a hazardous material?

MoreSun® solution is flammable, requiring that no ignition sources (smoking, flames) be present within the range of 15m during the coating process.

Does MoreSun® Contain NanoPArticles or Rcs particles / Are they Hazardous ?

MoreSun® contains NO Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) particles (identified by OSHA and others as causing a number of health issues, including silicosis).  Pellucere Technologies DOES NOT use or produce RCS in MoreSun® or any of its products.  Moreover, there are NO nanoparticles of any kind in the MoreSun® solution or in the final cured product.

Will the MoreSun® Coating be flammable after applied to the module?

No. Once cured, MoreSun® coating is a silica (glass) layer that is not flammable.

How long will the curing process take until MoreSun® is no longer flammable?

MoreSun® will no longer be flammable about 60 seconds after being applied to a module.

How does MoreSun® AR coating work?

MoreSun® AR coating creates a gradient Index of refraction between air and module glass, which leads to lower reflection and higher sunlight absorption by the PV module. The result is an increase of power output/energy production.

How much does the MoreSun® coating increase the plant performance?

Real case applications of the MoreSun® coating show average values of performance increase in the range of 3.4% - 4.7%.

How is the MoreSun® AR Coating effect Verified in the Field?

The performance of the MoreSun® AR coating is measured in the field using a commercial handheld spectrometer “Commercial Spectrometer Device” that is approved by Pellucere Technologies™. The company can also install a side-by-side coated and uncoated test array to monitor the performance on an ongoing basis.

Does the MoreSun® Coating have any anti-soiling effect?

The MoreSun® coating, with its Talus Dirt Rejection Technology™, when applied to solar modules can provide significant anti-soiling improvements.

How big is the positive impact of the MoreSun® AR Coating anti-soiling effect?

Once applied, it can result in a material reduction in the number of module washes required per year.  Typically, a module cleaning frequency reduction of 50% - 70% can be expected (i.e. a reduction in required cleaning on the order of 2X-3X less than current washing levels). 

On which type of solar modules can MoreSun® AR Coating be applied?

MoreSun® AR coating can be applied to most mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline and thin-film modules; eligibility is based on module data sheet and measurements made with the Commercial Reflectometer Device.

On which brands of solar modules has MoreSun® been applied? 

To date, MoreSun® has been applied successfully on a wide range of modules brands including, but not limited to, Canadian Solar, Jinko, Trina, Sharp, Ceeg, Upsolar, ReneSola and First Solar.

Can MoreSun® AR Coating be applied in the field? 

MoreSun® coating is a Sol Gel based anti-reflection and anti-soiling coating that is directly applied on solar arrays in the field to increase the solar array power and energy generation performance. 

Can MoreSun® AR Coating be applied in the field at any time of the year? 

MoreSun® can only be applied during dry and warm weather. Curing can be detrimentally impacted by extreme cold or wet conditions.

How will MoreSun® AR Coating be applied in the field? 

MoreSun® AR coating is applied using a proprietary meniscus drag applicator system. Pellucere Technologies™ has several different types of applicators that will be deployed depending on the specific field conditions.

Will it be possible to apply MoreSun® AR Coating with robotic systems?

We are working on a robot system and it is scheduled to be available in Q1 2020  

Does MoreSun® AR Coating affect the original module manufacturer warranty?

MoreSun® does not affect the warranty in general, but some manufacturers (e.g. First Solar and SunPower) do provide specific guidelines for coating that need to be complied with. This topic is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Can MoreSun® also be applied to modules that have already been coated with a manufactureR AR coating?

In most cases, MoreSun® should not be applied to modules that have already been coated with a manufacturer AR coating. However, Pellucere Technologies™ will consider application of MoreSun® on modules with an existing AR coating if the modules can be shown to have a material improvement in optical performance or if the modules can benefit from the anti-soiling characteristics of MoreSun’s® Talus DRT technology.

What kinds of PV plants can be optimized by MoreSun®?

MoreSun® can be applied to modules on existing ground and commercial rooftop solar PV installations. (Certain restrictions apply).

can MoreSun® be applied to modules on residential rooftops?

Although MoreSun® could be applied to modules on residential rooftop solar PV installations, we are currently not servicing this market. We may reconsider this market in future years.

Can I buy MoreSun® directly from Pellucere?

No. MoreSun® must be professionally applied by a qualified technician. Pellucere Technologies typically partners with Operation and Maintenance (O&M) organizations or larger owner-operators that service solar arrays to apply the MoreSun® coating. 

Can a MoreSun® AR coated surface be cleaned? 

Yes, treated modules can be cleaned after the coating process. Pellucere Technologies™ will provide detailed specifications on the proper cleaning procedures.

What is the expected lifetime of the MoreSun® Coating?

Based on accelerated stress testing, the MoreSun® AR coating has a life expectancy of more than 10 years.

What are the warranty terms for MoreSun®? 

MoreSun® has a 100% pay-back guarantee.

What happens 9-10 years from now if the product is not performing?

Based on accelerated testing, Pellucere projects that the MoreSun® AR coating should last more than a decade. It will degrade over time mostly due to abrasion (see below). Your AR reduction might drop from 4 % to 2%, for example, but it will still be better than when you started. You can reapply MoreSun when the performance starts to degrade, and it will restore your full AR performance.

Does dust reduce the performance of the MoreSun® coating?

Dust does not reduce the AR performance, but it does reduce the overall Module effectiveness. MoreSun will slow the build-up of dust and dirt thanks to the Talus DRT™ anti-soiling capability that is built into the product. You can always wash the modules – following the washing protocol in our standard operating procedures – to eliminate the dust when it builds up.

What are the failure modes of the coating, if any?

Once it is applied and cured, MoreSun is a thin-film layer of glass (silica). As with any glass layer, MoreSun will wear down over time due to natural abrasion from dirt and sand impacting the module as well as from precipitation.  In some environments (e.g. desert areas prone to sand storms), this wear will be accelerated. In most applications, the most important thing to prevent premature wear is to follow Pellucere’s low-abrasion washing protocols. As noted above, abrasion will reduce the optical performance (energy gain) , but it will not create a scenario where the optical performance will be lower than that of the original module prior to coating with MoreSun®, and it can be reapplied in the future to restore full optical performance.