Anti-Soiling Explained

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The MoreSun® Difference

Nothing robs solar farms of their ability to produce energy like the build-up of dust and dirt. In many environments, energy lost to soiling can be several times that lost to reflectivity. Until now, you had two choices: wait for rain or hire a cleaning company to haul water to the site and scrub it down.

The truth is that most anti-soiling products are not really anti-soiling at all! They are hydrophobic. With these products, water beads on the surface and carries away the accumulated soil. So you are still waiting for rain - or heavy accumulation of dew - in order to clean your modules.

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MoreSun® with Talus DRT™ works differently by preventing soil from adhering to the surface. That is why we call it “Dirt Rejection Technology™” MoreSun® rejects the dirt thanks to the unique nano structure of the MoreSun® shield.

In the rain or in the desert, MoreSun® with Talus DRT™ dramatically reduces the amount of soiling that accumulates on the surface. In fact, it rejects more than 5 times the dirt of a leading AS competitor.