Anti-Soiling Redefined


MoreSun® now includes the company’s unique Talus Dirt Rejection Technology™. Talus DRT™ optimizes the unique physical properties of our silica shield’s nano-structure to prevent buildup of dirt and other particulates. Unlike typical hydrophobic anti-soiling technologies, the unique properties of Talus DRT™ allow it to “reject the dirt” without waiting for rain. Talus DRT™ can also be found in other Pellucere Technologies products designed for buildings and for vehicle glass in the agriculture, mining, construction and defense industries. In addition, due to low temperature curing, Pellucere’s coatings can be applied to plastics (e.g. PMMA, polycarbonate) either in the factory or in the field.

Dry Dirt.png

Anti-Soiling Field Tests

Watch the Video Below To See How a solar Module with MoreSun® Rejects the Dirt thanks to TalUS DRT™

Demonstration of Pellucere’s MoreSun® anti-reflective coating with Talus DRT™ as dust and dirt is being blown over a module coated on both edges with MoreSun® and not being coated down the middle. The results show that MoreSun® with Talus DRT™ does not allow the dust and dirt to adhere to the module.

Field Test of DRT™ technology. Right side is coated, left is not.