Retrofit Solar Field Installation

MoreSun® coatings are applied using a family of innovative, patented deposition systems developed by Pellucere Technologies™ that ensure the solution is applied at the optimal rate. The micro-channel, meniscus-drag applicators adjust flow rate to account for ambient conditions, maximize transfer efficiency, and ensure a highly uniform thickness for optimal AR performance.

Applicator Systems

Pellucere Technologies™ has several types of solution applicators which can be deployed to meet the needs of the specific site. The “backpack” applicators in the video at right are ideal for smaller sites and are available in all markets. The “frame applicator system” provides a more rapid, less manpower-intensive solution for larger sites and will be available in select markets after Q3 2019. Pellucere Technologies™ is currently testing a robotic applicator system that is expected to be released for field trials in the first part of 2020.

Applicators are only available to qualified and certified MoreSun® installers.

Demonstration of MoreSun® being applied to a small solar PV project, showing how the application of MoreSun® immediately reduces the reflectivity of the modules.