Unmatched AR Performance

MoreSun® delivers the highest power and energy gains of any product on the market.

  • In direct axis light MoreSun® outperforms leading competitors by more than 30% with an industry-leading energy gain of 3.4% to 3.8%.

  • In off-axis and diffused light, MoreSun® captures even more solar energy.

  • And, with Talus DRT™ anti-soiling, the energy gains get even greater!

Energy Gains

MoreSun® helps the solar module capture more light, increasing energy output from direct axis light by 3.4 to 3.8 percent and total energy output (modeled in PVSyst) by up to 4.7† percent! Real-world field trials demonstrate instrumented energy gains of 3.4% - 4.7%.

MoreSun Field Trial Energy Gains.png
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2018 Field Trial Germany - 4.2% energy gain

2018 Field Trial Germany - 4.2% energy gain

† Energy gain estimates based on laboratory-certified energy gains applied to a specific solar farm using the PVSyst™ model. Total energy gains may vary based on module-type, location, weather, site configuration, and numerous other factors.